Age of the gods norse: gods and giants

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The Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants slots is an online casino game that features gods and monsters from the Norse mythology. The game also incorporates elements from other genres such as poker, blackjack and others. The main goal of this slot machine game is to create a virtual chaos with the help of a powerful storm-maker and the destructive god. The result is the destruction of lines, rows and column in the casino floor.

The Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants casino game functions similarly to other slot games where spins are made on random numbers. The game has various icons, symbols and sounds that are used to trigger win/loss amounts. With multiple wins pay left to right on reels, all wins thus rewarded, the game can be played from right to left, thus completing the 5-reel spins of the Mythological Norse slots.

Some important statistics include the Payline, the number of player spins, maximum wins, spins per day, average spins per day, highest jackpot, minimum jackpot and more. In addition to these statistics, there is a special feature called Respins. This is a symbol in the upper portion of your reel that replicates itself after each win and serves as a hint for the next spin. If you observe closely, you will notice that the Respins symbol is different in color depending on whether it is showing the win symbol or the loss symbol. The game gives an average of 4 symbols to signify the win and 3 symbols to signify the loss.