10 Big Gambling Trends to Watch In 2020

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10 Big Gambling Trends to Watch In 2020

Online gambling has profoundly evolved over the past 2 decades since it was invented back in 1996. What just began as a small enterprise has gained lots of popularity and mainstream acceptance around the world. While it is still viewed negatively by some governments and gamblers, casino enthusiasts are, however, embracing online gambling with both hands.

If you are a seasoned online gambler, there you have without a doubt benefited in one way or the other from most of these changes in the gambling market. Like other technology-related things, gambling online capabilities have grown quite fast since 2010. This only shows that things are getting better very fast, which is a good thing for avid gamblers that want to experience nothing but the best when they start playing their favorite real money casino games online or betting on their favorite sports events.

With the online gambling market growing at a very fast pace, an important question on the mind of every gambler is what are the latest big gambling trends and how gambling online will be like in the year 2020. Each of these queries has been comprehensively covered for you here!

Technological advancements have tremendously changed the online gambling industry. For instance, WinFest casino players can opt to try out different live games, table games and other video slots for real money or free and cash out their winnings without any more issues.

In 2019, the high technology was a crucial aspect in the development of the online gambling sector: most live casinos enhanced their interface with most of these casinos adopting mobile gaming where their players can now access their favorite casino games from their mobile devices. Now the big question is, what will the year 2020 be for the online gambling market?

How Gambling Developed In 2019

Today, over 60% of online gamblers play their favorite casino games from mobile devices. This shows that in the year 2020, even more gamblers will be using their smartphones to play real money games online. This results in an increased number of casino online apps and mobile versions of casino slots.

Also, live online casinos providing live dealer games where you can play and interact with a live dealer have been in very high demand. Most players who envy the thrill of playing in land-based casinos are now visiting live dealer casinos and the good news is that most of these casinos are also optimized for mobile gaming which gives players the chance to play from their smartphones and enjoy a gaming setting that is quite close to that of the usual land-based casinos.

Following are the changes that are likely to happen in the online gambling market in 2020:

Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling

Live online casinos continue developing in 2020. Many of the online casinos available currently will most likely shift to multilingual platforms that will increase the number of players visiting these sites.

Furthermore, AI solutions will be largely utilized in the online gaming sector. Thankfully, all players will receive a personal offer. These help in tracking and analyzing their activities, simplify the player identification process, making them highly reliable, especially using voice. AI will even assist owners of gambling online platforms to fully explore the behaviors of platforms to develop the most generous casino bonuses.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Another major gambling trend to consider in the year 2020 is VR technologies. Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to interact directly with others when there is a live game. Therefore, back in 2018, PokerStars developers announced the actual release of the PokerStars VR video game. This can be played with the HTC Vive Headsets and the Oculus Rift.

It seems pretty clear that the VR platforms will make online gambling more engaging and realistic. For instance, thanks to the VR technology, poker players can keep an eye on each other and identify who might be bluffing. Novomatic and Microgaming are working hard to introduce virtual reality technologies into various online casino games.

Also, active development in the area of augmented reality for online gambling seems to be underway. For instance, the Magic Leap augmented reality setting is a perfect case of the AR solution. This company is constantly developing personalized content, software and tools which help gamblers experience in-depth immerse into the game.

Blockchain In Real Money Online Gambling

According to predictions in the year 2020, it is expected that the number of gambling and gaming projects which might fundraise via ICOs will increase: this way, new companies can favorably compete with the primary operators. Furthermore, these projects are very attractive to players. There are several advantages associated with buying tokens to be used in the gambling platforms. For instance, they may use the crypto as the domestic currency or make cash on selling assets if they can manage to make them grow in value.

Real online gambling operators will actively make use of blockchain technology in real money online casinos. This allows players to deposit funds into their accounts using cryptocurrency with an assurance that the casino operator is fully transparent. With the use of the cryptocurrency, online casino punters can now act anonymously. As of now, you can easily use Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin in poker or roulette.

Mobile Gambling

Back in the year 2018, professional gamblers held onto the notion that soon mobile gambling was to overtake online casinos. Today, we can confirm that they understand the market and what they were talking about. With the share of mobile gambling growing in 2020, all the leading online casinos must offer their players a very advanced mobile casino version if they do not want to risk losing them.

Research has shown that in the year 2020, over 70% of the total revenue generated from online gambling will be coming from mobile gambling. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering that people are currently doing almost everything in their lives via mobile devices. From paying bills, listening to music, or watching movies, people are doing all these from their smartphones. Furthermore, gambling via smartphones is easy, more secure and comfortable.

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